Players to Look Out For

Now preseason has come to an end, with the WPL league opener only a day away, it is a time of reflection for fans. As they look back over preseason, they judge and analyse their teams efforts. It’s that time where most football fans become pundits, with predictions and views flying amongst social media. It’s a time where fans judge their new signings, and anticipate the up coming season! 

For me a player that has stood out this preseason is forward Chritian Langos. Since signing for the Citizens last season his talent has been apparent from the offset. The 22 year old forward who signed from Marine FC has had an excellent preseason, collecting numerous praises from the terrace.

Having played five friendlies, scoring four and assisting three it is apparent that he has an excellent attacking ability. With his blistering pace and a hatful of skills to throw even the most experienced of defenders off, this forward makes for an enjoyable watch. 

Whether it be a pinpoint accurate cross, a clever pass or a rocket shot he has shown he is capable. 

With great vision and skill to back it, this forward will definitely be a huge threat this upcoming season. However it is not only his talent that has caught my, and many other fans’, attention, but it is also his relentless nature to win the ball back, to track back and then to push forward. His determination and drive is welcoming to see, it’s a quality that is crucial for a player to be successful. From the opening whistle to the last whistle of the match you can be sure Langos will give 110% percent.

If he performs as he has done during preseason in this upcoming WPL season, there is no doubt that he will be amongst the top ranked players of the league. A true talent.


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