THREE reasons why you should be watching the WPWL right now…

Do you really need an excuse to go and watch football? I very much doubt it, but – just in case you do – here’s three reasons why you should watch the WPWL:-

1. If, like me for example, you’re quite sad about the Welsh Premier giving up on Sunday fixtures, and enjoyed being able to make a full weekend of football outings, visit strange and wonderful places – better still if you live in the capital city – you’ve got three (yes, 3) WPWL clubs on your doorstep!

2. “I watch my local team on a Saturday, and like some family time on Sundays” – I see what you’re saying, until a few weeks ago, I was very much in the same mindset – however, my family time means taking my 3 year old daughter away to do interesting stuff. Then, it dawns on me – what better way to spend time with the little one (and the rest of the family, if you like) than take her to see some actual role models – my daughter loves football, and gets upset when she’s told it’s just for boys – she had an uncontrollable smile at her first match recently saying “Daddy, there are ladies playing football” – definitely onto a winner there!

3. “I can’t justify the cost of multiple weekend games” – you don’t have too, most games are free (yes, free – you read that correctly) – it’s free to watch a Katie Bowe free kick- which by the way, is a wonderful thing – it’s free to watch Gabi Hughes of Abergavenny prowl the penalty area, putting the fear into defenders and it’s free to support the development of a game that means the world to all of us.

If, like me you realise that you can help the future of the sport, move the game forward & be regarded as the biggest hipster in your workplace by catching on to something ultra cool – before anybody else knows about it – find a match here –
You know you want you!

Picture- last weeks WPWL focus player Stacey Tradewell bossing the midfield for Llandudno LFC


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