In light of the FAW Council’s decision to reject the motion of a 16 team Welsh Premier League, fans expressed their discontent at the decision and bewilderment of the continuation of a format many consider stale.

The FAW held their annual chairmen’s meeting last month and the proposal of extending the league from a 12 team league to a 16 team league was put forward. However, the majority of clubs rejected the idea.

But, the FAW Council’s rejection of the idea has been met with controversy by the fans. 

Many have expressed bewilderment at the decision, claiming the league has gone stale with clubs facing each other up to four to six times a season.

The Port Talbot fans expressed bewilderment at the decision.

16 teams is the way forward, every fan associated with the League and clubs thinks so. 

One Llanelli fan was in agreement with the Port Talbot fans, and stated 

The whole system needs organisational change. The Premier is stale.

Whilst some may argue that it is merely sour grapes from two of Wales’ former elite who have experienced a fall from grace recently, they were even supported by Bangor City fans.

The current Welsh Prem system is stale and stagnant, playing the same team multiple times is boring, not just for fans but guaranteed the players and managers to! Although I think the fact one team wins the league each season doesn’t help either. But 16 teams rather than 12 would definitely be a step in the positive direction, I personally believe it would bring more fans to support teams in the league.

Even one neutral come out in their defence. Merthyr fan Andrew Evans, who has recently begun watching Cardiff Met, when pressed on the netter expressed annoyance at the decision made by the chiefs of the Welsh game.

I would have been delighted to see the WPL expand to 16 teams. In my opinion, the current offering is making the league stale and supporters are becoming bored of of facing the same opposition 4/6 times a season. This could explain why attendances are poor in a lot of games. The FAW had an opportunity to re-ignite in football at the top flight in Wales but I feel this is an opportunity missed. The initial clubs voting is not surprising, why risk less revenue being received?

After a successful Euro 2016 for the nation, many were hoping the FAW would plough more capital back into their national game. However, this recent decision has been met with anger and disbelief. The clubs may be happy, but the fans most certainly are not. 



  1. Just ‘who” are these fans? Where does their opinion come from? There aren’t 16 teams good enough. We don’t want a return back to the days when clubs like Rhayadr, Llanidloes, Welshpool and Afan Lido were losing by cricket scores in front of 75 fans. The league is much more professional as it is.
    I’m currently watching Belgian 2nd Division football with 8 teams in it. Scottish lower leagues have 10 clubs, The Scottish Prem has 12, as does Austria and Finland and many other leagues and no-one complains.
    It’s all about quality- that’s what counts. And the quality is undoubtedly higher since the reduction.
    if the league is to be modified in any way, what’s required is a Second Division. The Euro-windfall needs to be invested in the infrastructure of some of the stronger lower-league clubs to bring their facilities up to the required standard


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